International Relation Office

I. International Applicants  with/without  Academical Agreement.

International students have the same benefits and dues that USAT students and they are exempted from educational fees.
To be considered for admission applicants to USAT, international students must have mailed the documents detailed bellow. The admition will have finished by the time the acceptance letter be emited.

1.1. Requirements to be admited:

Academic records

letter of intention from the student in spanish (30 lines) (enclosed)

Passport Photocopy

Certificate of spanish Proficiency (if you are not a spanish native speaker)

Enrollment form please click here.

Fact-sheet 2024-I, please click here

1.2. Arrangements for travel

They are supported by the International Relation Office for providing:

Hosting alternatives information.

Academy documents required for Visa.

Any other necessity we could provide for having a pleasant stay.

Academic Stays: Foreign students could remain at the University for a maximum two semesters enrolled at academy exchange or internship program within the academic calendar.

1.3. Contact

International Office
T: (+51)(074) 606200 – Ext 1261

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